Upholstery Cleaning in Northern VA

Bring New Life To Your Upholstery

All types of upholstery are prone to getting dirty over time. Things like couches and recliners can truly become filthy over time. We don’t notice the color of the fabric changing over time but things like food, dirt, and dust get into the fibers of the fabric leaving the color looking dull and bland. You can’t simply wipe or vacuum away the dirt and crumbs built up in your upholstery. You need to have your upholstery cleaned professionally to make a great visual difference.

Heaven’s Best Upholstery Cleaning uses a specially formulated mild cleaning solution that is made to clean any type of upholstery. From couches to chairs and even the upholstery in your vehicles, we get the job done. We get results and our customer reviews show it. Give us a call today for a free estimate on Upholstery Cleaning or ANY of our other services.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Process

All of our cleaning technicians are trained to handle any cleaning job to ensure that each job completed is a job well done. Our upholstery cleaning process is quick, simple, and gets results. First, we apply our cleaner to deeply penetrate the fibers of the upholstery. As this cleaner soaks in, it breaks apart dirt and stains and pushes contaminants to the surface. Once we have let the cleaning solution do its job, our next step is to use our extraction equipment to literally pull the cleaning solution and the dirt and grime out of the upholstery. This leaves you with a “like new” appearance to your upholstery.

Have Your Carpets Cleaned While We Are There

While we are cleaning your furniture, have us clean the rest of the room as well! Your carpets will be dry in 1 hour and your home will feel fresh and clean. Give us a call today!

Advantages of using Heaven's Best

Safe for all upholstery types.

Heavenly citrus scent when cleaning is finished.

Pet and family safe.

Restores upholstery to be "Like New"

Reduce allergens.

Dry in an Hour

Restore your furniture as opposed to buying new furniture.


Have Your Carpets Cleaned Too

If you’re taking the time to have the carpet and tile in your home cleaned every year, why not have us clean the sofa, love seat, and recliner, too! Protect the investment you’ve made by keeping your furniture clean with Heaven’s Best.


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